new discoveries

Our last full day in the park.

We discovered some things we’d never done before.

First, we dressed Kaitlyn in her bathing suit under her clothes, put flip flops in her backpack and some underwear. So after she soaked herself in the fountains, she could change clothes and go on the rides right away. That was smart. The only thing we could have used was a towel, but you can only carry so much stuff around with you.

After all the Bugs Life rides, we went over to see some shows in the Hollywood area. The first was a really lame show with some singers/dancers pretending to be animators. Then we found the shows we’d meant to go to. First up was Turtle Talk with Crush. You sit in a little auditorium and talk with Crush the turtle from Nemo. You ask him questions, he asks the audience questions. It is a very cool interactive experience. Kaitlyn was disappointed she didn’t get to ask Crush a question.

Next we went to the Animation Academy. You sit in another auditorium and a real Disney animator teaches you how to draw one of the characters. We sat right in front for our lesson on how to draw Tigger. Kaitlyn really enjoyed it (ok, so did I). And at the end, the animator gave Kaitlyn his drawing of Tigger. We now have an original sketch by a Disney artist! It’s really cool.

Bill took our sketches and Kaitlyn’s wet bathing suit back to the hotel and Kaitlyn and I watched the High School Musical parade. I’m such a sap because I nearly cried… again. There was a little boy by us who looked to be about 3 or 4 and retarded or autistic. His mom tried and tried to engage him in the dancing and singing, but with no luck. Then one of the dancers kneeled by the boy and smiled and worked with him until the little boy clapped and danced. I don’t know if that castmember knew the difference he probably made in that family’s day. But it was clear.

We thought we’d have a special dinner our last night in the park and made reservations at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean. It was really another disappointment. Maybe we just got spoiled with the fabulous meal at the steakhouse. But I recommend skipping this one for sure. We were done with our meal 30 minutes after we sat down. That’s way too fast. Our food never should have been ready so quickly.

We’d hoped to go to the new nighttime laser show in the lagoon by the Pirates ride. But the crowd was crazy. And if we stayed to watch, we’d be there just when the fireworks were being set off pretty much right there. Kaitlyn thinks fireworks are too loud if she’s inside a building nearby them; we figured this was not going to end well if we stayed. So we rushed to the monorail and rode back to our hotel. We got to sit in the very back. That was a cool place to sit.

We did see some of the fireworks as we walked from the monorail station to our hotel. Bill and I stopped to watch but before long Kaitlyn was in tears… so we went on. We may never get to see fireworks again.

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