check out day

Naturally since we had to be out of the hotel by a certain time, we woke up late this morning. It was 10:30 by the time we were showed, dressed, packed and ready to go.

I’d suggested that we each pick one thing we want to ride or see. Good in theory, not so good in reality.

Bill stopped to get fast passes for my pick: Soarin’ Over California. But there was no line. So we went in. And we got the very best seats on the entire ride. Smack in the middle, at the top (so you don’t see anyone’s feet dangling over your head).

Kaitlyn wanted to see Crush again and see if he’d talk to her this time. It’s our third time. And he didn’t call on her. But she loved it anyway, which was good. She’s getting a little bit better at handling disappointments like that. Then, again for me, we went to the Animation Academy. This time we drew Pluto. And the animator again gave us his sketch. Too cool!

When we stepped outside, I saw that the Aladdin show was starting in just 10 minutes. Everyone’s been raving about it. Priority seating was full. The only place with any seats left was the balcony. What the heck… it’s free. So we went. It was a pretty elaborate Broadway-type production. Just like everyone had told us it would be. I think Kaitlyn liked it. I enjoyed it. I’m not so sure Bill thought it was a good use of an hour.

Then we went over to the Magic Kingdom so Kaitlyn could see the demonstration for Asimo… the robot. She loves this stupid robot. We go to it every year. And it never changes. Even the actress was the same. I hope Kaitlyn is less thrilled with Asimo next time we come.

Before leaving, Bill had to stop and buy himself a light saber. So he and Kaitlyn can have light saber battles. Fantastic. I want to see the x-ray guy looking at that at the airport. I’m going to guess that the TSA just might open that suitcase.

We tried to hop the monorail to get out quick, but it was stopped. The employees said a technical problem. Then we saw the paramedics go up the ramp with a gurney. That’s no technical problem. So we took the train.

By the time we got out, ate lunch and fetched our car and bags from the hotel, it was 4 when we hit the road for our next stop: Mammoth. We got here at 11pm. That was one long car ride.

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