Hook vs. Bill

I don’t know how we managed it three days in a row, but we were up early again. Without the alarm. This is another day where we get into the park at 7 instead of 8. We made it by 7:30.

Kaitlyn’s first stop was the rockets in Tomorrowland. Now I ride Dumbo, so I thought I could do these. No. They are completely different. Ok, not completely different, they still just go around and around and around. But they go faster. And they have a little tilt to them to make you feel like you’re going to fall out. And when Kaitlyn controlled the up and down movement, I was certain I was going to hurl or fall out our both. So I yelled at her to stop. I had to hold her arms to get her to stop. She rode again with Bill. She tried to ride alone but they told her she’s too young. The kid behind her looked the same age and size and they let her ride alone. But it was hardly worth a fight. As long as I wasn’t on that thing, I really didn’t care who was or who they were or weren’t sitting with.

Kaitlyn then tried her best to get Bill sick by dragging him on the teacups. Then Dumbo.

Finally, it was time for breakfast. It was great. Kaitlyn got to see Chip and Dale and Tigger and Rabbit and Minnie and some baboon with a blue butt (as he will forevermore be known to us), Max (Goofy’s son). And Captain Hook. Kaitlyn was not happy about Captain Hook visiting our table. He arrived while Bill was up at the buffet getting food. First thing Captain Hook did was help himself to Bill’s camera…. snapping pictures. Then he sat by Kaitlyn…. and she scooted as far away from him as she could in that booth. She finally gave in and let Hook sign her autograph book. Then I told him to be sure not to run into any alligators today. Bill had gotten back to the table. He added “tick, tock, tick, tock.” Hook stood up, stared down at Bill, pointed at his eyes then pointed at Bill… back and forth. Now, Kaitlyn is panicked that Captain Hook is looking out for Bill.

We figured we’d head over to California Adventure next, hopefully before it got too busy. Kaitlyn headed for the Bugs Life area and went straight for the fountains set up to run through to cool off. Or to get completely soaked in, which is what she did. She was so wet, her dress was pulling itself down by a couple of inches. Bill wrung out buckets of water. Then she was ready to ride. But she was so wet, the ride operator wouldn’t let her get on. We stopped for a snack on the way to the hotel. When she wasn’t any drier after eating, we went on to our room… where we laid down and ended up taking naps. Long naps. Naps from about 1 until about 6. We were tired.

For dinner we went to Steakhouse 55 in the Disneyland hotel. Friends drove down from LA to meet us. I read good reviews but didn’t really have high hopes for the place. It was amazing. Absolutely fantastic food. It’s a new must on our list. Sure, it was expensive. but this time, it was worth it.

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