sick on vacation

So far my stay at Mammoth isn’t what I’d imagined. I tossed and turned from about 3am until 6 or 7am. That’s when I finally jumped out of bed to rush to the bathroom and get sick. I guess a week of eating crap at Disneyland topped off with a 9pm burrito supreme is a horrible idea. Especially since I’ve been eating more healthily. The last few days of fried foods and no vegetables has come as a real shock to my system.

Bill and Kaitlyn went with Patrick, Julie and Sarah for lunch and a stop at the grocery store. They’ve been gone 3 hours now. I haven’t gotten much done in that 3 hours. I feel weak. Achy. Now I’ve got chills. Hopefully I’m just cold and not feverish. I guess at least if I’m going to get sick, I got sick where we have a little condo and we can eat here. If I ever want to eat. I managed to down half a banana and some water. My hands still shake if I hold them up. Maybe it’s the altitude. This is a lot higher than I’m used to. Lots.

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