how cold is too cold?

The pool guys didn’t have as much to do this year when they opened the pool. Normally, they have to fill it about half-way, because they drain that much out for winter. Today when they took the cover off, the water was to the top. I asked if it was rain water. Yup.

I stuck my hand in and it is cold. Like ice water. Only chillier.

When Kaitlyn got home from school, she dashed to the backyard to test the water for herself. Cold? Maybe… but not too cold! She then ran to her room and changed into her bathing suit. I added her floating swim suit thing and wished her luck. She put her foot in the water. And stopped. Too cold? Oh, no. No way. Not too cold. It took her a long time to get on the ladder with the water all the way up to her knees. And she stood there for a few minutes, while the bottom half of her legs numbed completely. Finally, she leaped into the water with a squeal, splashed in a circle and climbed back out. “That water is totally cold!” She repeated this drill several times. I finally convinced her to trade in the swimming pool for the bathtub and she went inside. I wonder how many teapots of boiling water it would take to make the pool water bearable?

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