It’s nice to be remembered

The sun has finally come out. It’s warm. We can put away our sweaters at long last. So with a forecast of 30 degrees for tomorrow, I figured it’s about time to call the pool guys to open the pool.

I called the same pool guys who’ve been opening and closing our pool since we moved here. I like them because, among other things, they remember who I am when I give my name and they know where I live without needing directions every time. I told them I needed to have my pool opened, and he said he could come this afternoon. This afternoon? The first sunny day in month and they could do the job right away? Sure! I told them anytime after 2. Ok. Then he said the nicest thing. He said “Vous parlez francais tres bien maintenant.” That means: you speak French well now. Granted, the first time he showed up at the house we’d only been here a couple of weeks and I could muster hello and pool. Like Tarzan. Still… it was quite a lovely compliment.

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