Seeing spots

Kaitlyn woke up this morning, all excited about going to a friend’s birthday party. The friend she makes “suffer with English.” But she didn’t have the chance. While she was in the bathtub soaking off the distinct odor of a dirty 5 year old, I started seeing spots. On Kaitlyn.

My first call was to the birthday girl’s parents to let them know we wouldn’t be there. My next call was to our doctor. Naturally, she wasn’t in today. So I called the doctor in town we’ve used. I think the woman who answered the phone said she wasn’t in today. So I called another doctor we’ve never seen before… he was in. I thought I made an appointment. He didn’t ask my name. Good enough. If I’m in the office looking sad, I’m half-way there.

I dragged Kaitlyn out (she was watching Winnie the Pooh.. apparently it was a particularly dramatic episode and she hated missing the big ending) and we found the doctor’s office. Doctor offices here are generally tucked into apartment buildings and they are not easy to spot. I went in two doors before I found the lobby with the doctor’s name among the list of residents. Faster than I expected at least.

He came into the waiting room to get us and seemed not at all surprised by having a new patient whose name he didn’t even know. I introduced myself and started to explain what was going on in French. It didn’t take too long before he started talking to me in English. Well, half French, half English. Which was the perfect compliment to my half English half French. He used one of those things you use to look in an ear to stare at each little spot on her arms, legs, belly and back. I was right. Chicken pox.

At the pharmacy to load up on creams, special soaps and medicine, Kaitlyn burst into tears about missing the party. She told me it was not a case of the chicken pox, but that it was the handy work of a swarm of mosquitoes. Clever, but I don’t think so.

The doctor said she can’t go back to school for 8 days. In 8 days, school is over. So she gets an early vacation. She’ll miss the “fete de l’ecole” Saturday… which is the big end-of-the-year party where all the kids dance then we eat bad food then the kids play frustrating carnival games. Putting it that way, I have no idea why I was looking forward to that in the first place!

She’ll also miss a sleep over she was supposed to have Saturday night. Which is annoying… since now I’m scrambling to find a babysitter! Why does mine have to be in New York having a (hopefully) good vacation!

The doctor said she’ll be even more spotted tomorrow. We’ll see how she looks. And we’ll see if I can find a sitter. One who’s already had the chicken pox.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    I love the reasoning of a swarm of mosquitoes. This girl has a quick mind, ready to take on the conundrums of a bureaucratic world. She will dazzle her peers with sharp logic, relentless diligence and an absorbing mind. All this from a 5.4-year-old. We can hardly wait until she turns 5.7.

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