Kroger would be cheaper

Kaitlyn and I spent the day enjoying the warm sun as we walked through the old town of Geneva. It’s really quite nice. Filled with row after row of overpriced shops. It’s the part of town the gps mistakenly led us through the other day when we first arrived. We window shopped (something Kaitlyn’s not very good at quite yet), ate lunch (she threw a fit when I said I didn’t want to eat at the one with menus that had dinosaurs on the outside), rode a carousel, wandered through a department store in search of a bathroom, got lost, took a water bus across the lake. We were busy.

Our last stop before claiming our luggage at the hotel was the American Market. Since I’d made Dad go to the English bookstore (where he napped in a chair) and to a Starbucks (where he read Kaitlyn her new book about space, often offering the comment “I didn’t know that.”), I spared him the trip to the American grocery store.

The store turned out not to be far from our hotel. (Yes, I asked the clerk.) It was past a row of strip clubs, but since it was daytime it wasn’t too bad. Kaitlyn didn’t seem to notice the pictures of naked women in the windows. The store also turned out to be small and a bit on the dingy side. Maybe that’s a neighborhood requirement. The shelves are packed with all sorts of things that I didn’t even realized we missed until I saw them: chex mix, pop tarts, sweet pickles, Stewart’s ginger beer (I should have bought more than 2 bottles). I filled two shopping bags with 115 dollars of stuff we miss.

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