How do you get to the airport?

Note to self: when in a strange city that you’ve already found frustrating to drive in, suggest guests book taxi for ride to airport.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 6:15 when my wake up call rang. I’d stayed up way too late last night watching a BBC show about what people ate during Shakespeare’s time. (The people on the show actually spent a week trying to eat that crap and it looked nasty.) Kaitlyn also liked the show and also stayed up too late. So after I got myself ready, I had to try to rouse an incredibly tired 5 year old. Note to self #2: when sharing a hotel room with Kaitlyn, don’t try to watch tv show late at night, she’ll watch it, too.

So I walked the three blocks to get the car out of the parking lot only to discover one wee problem: the gps was not getting a signal. It didn’t get one the entire way from the parking lot to the hotel. So Dad again called upon the desk clerk for directions. As soon as we pulled away, the gps found us. But was telling us to go left when the clerk had said to go right. Who to believe? The correct answer to that question is: the taxi driver you hire next time.

Not that I didn’t enjoy a last half hour visiting. But I found no pleasure in the driving portion of that time.

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