chez medcine

Well, there’s not going to be any skiing or ski school this week. We left the doctor’s office this afternoon with a note to that effect. I sure hope we can get a refund.

Despite that, I left the appointment fairly proud of myself. We’d done the entire examination in French. Ok, she had to ask me one question in English. (They always secretly speak English. Watch what you say. Always.) But otherwise, the whole thing was in French. Although the noise she made when she looked in the ear with the infection was a lot like the gasping sound Kaitlyn’s pediatrician once let out.

And here’s the part that really amazed me. Kaitlyn understood everything that doctor said to her. From “Do you go to school?” to “Take off your shoes and climb up there” to “Stand on the scale”… every word. The doctor said it was perfectly normal for me to not realize how much French Kaitlyn knows. Maybe she can use her secret knowledge to get our money back from the ski school.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Ah, yes! Give Kaitlyn the phone number of the ski school so they can also hear her raspiness, which will enhance her presentation and plea for a refund. Has Kaitlyn attended a $4 manicure shop there yet? Bet she would understand some amazing tales among the manicurists in yet a third language (Seinfeld style).

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