credit… where credit is due

When my French teacher arrived at the house this afternoon for my lesson, she didn’t even get to take off her coat before I announced that she needed to call the ski school to find out if I can get my money back since Kaitlyn is sick and cannot go to her lessons all week.

I handed her Kaitlyn’s enrollment card, my receipt (she gasped at the price of lessons – 115 Euros — but immediately understood why I was worried about the money), and the note from the doctor excusing Kaitlyn.

She called and I perfectly understood her side of the conversation. No, her friend hadn’t called yet… no, she waited because she’s American and can’t speak French and is intimidated by the phone… yes, she has a medical certificate… no refund? she lives nearby, can’t she just get a credit? Yes. Good.

I’m thinking of trying to go skiing Saturday. It’s change-over day, the end of February school holidays, the only day working parents can go grocery shopping…. I hope not too busy. Hopefully that credit will work. And Kaitlyn can ski. At least a little bit.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    In Hollywood, everyone has their agent handle such things anyway. You have found a good agent.

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