stupid internet

I hate the internet service here. It’s a world wide wish. It works ok… as long as no one calls the house.

About ten minutes ago the phone rang. I didn’t answer because I couldn’t find the phone. We only have one handset because we really hardly ever use the phone…. we probably would have just gone with cell phones if we didn’t need the phone line for the internet. The call was from a friend looking for my doctor’s info because her daughter is sick. I went to call her back to let her know the doctor isn’t in today, but need to look up her number first. We don’t have caller ID and I’m not worried about getting it since, pretty much, we don’t use the phone anyway. I need to look up the number on the ISE list online. But I can’t get online. The internet stopped working when the answering machine picked up. And it is yet to reconnect.

I’m going to have to tell people to only call my cell phone. This is ridiculous.

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