Canary in a Coal Mine

Tonight, we inaugurated Dad’s new kitchen. We managed to use every appliance. That is, until we got to the ovens.

I’d bought some sugar cookies with ghosts on them to bake after dinner. So I turned on one oven, and when it beeped at me that it was ready, I opened it up and there was smoke pouring off the light. Explains the bad smell that was making me feel gross. So we turned it off and heated up the other oven. When it beeped, I opened it and it was doing the same thing. So we finally dug around for the owners manuals. They say that the oven may smoke and release an “unpleasant” odor the first few times you use them. It also said that it could kill some birds.

We ended up doing the cookies in the convection/microwave oven. (yes, he has that many ovens)

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