The Grocery Store

We ventured to American grocery stores today for the first time since being back.

The first thing Bill and I did that probably made us look weird to the other customers was we got our cart out of the corral in the parking lot. (When we pulled in, my first thought was “oh, do I have a coin for the cart?”) Here, of course, you fetch your carts inside the store, after some poor kid pushes a hundred carts in there.

What’d we buy? Microwave mac n’ cheese (although the next hotel we go to doesn’t have a microwave, so it may not be such a useful choice), Pillsbury cookie dough, ranch dressing, chips and salsa and edamame for Kaitlyn.

That store didn’t have a good meat counter, so we dumped the stuff off and Dad took me to the “good” grocery store in town.

Of all the items for me to slowly pour over… I spent a lot of time cruising the cheese area looking to see what they had from France. Half a dozen kinds of Brie, emmental (which is the cheese they put on everything there and is pretty cheap … here it was $7 for a little chunk), racklette. There was even some crème fraiche and fromage blanc. I didn’t buy any of it. Just wanted to look.

At the meat counter, it was so nice to be able to talk to the butcher and tell him what I was looking for and bombard him with questions. And when it came off the grill, it was way WAY better than the steak we get at home. Bill said we may start eating a lot more chicken when we get back.

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