Retail Therapy

I was beginning to think I was doing ok shopping in France. But after experiencing a little US retail, I realize what I’ve been missing.

Granted, yesterday I walked into a store and no one working there said hello to me and I was put off. Refused to even spend my money there. It’s common courtesy.

Today, I got into the swing of shopping American style. Oh, and everyone said hello to me. Except when I wandered through the Saks. I guess I just looked like I couldn’t afford it. Which was true.

All the clerks here were very chatty. Honestly, maybe the clerks in France would be chattier with me but as soon as they ask me anything I’m lucky to spit out an answer that makes sense. I wouldn’t try to strike up much of a conversation with such a person.

Here, all the clerks asked me where I’m from. I guess when you shop in Palm Springs, it’s a safe bet for them that you’ll be a tourist. One woman tried to convince me how great her shop is because they have stores in France. That’s ok, a 95 dollar t-shirt is not in my budget no matter where I buy it. Another woman said “France! I was born there!” It really is a small world.

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