Go Back to Bed!

Kaitlyn slept in today. She didn’t get up until 6.

She fell asleep last night around 8… being carried out of Disneyland on her dad’s shoulder. She went all day yesterday without a nap.

This afternoon after going swimming, we took her on a ride on Granddad’s golf cart. We didn’t’ go anywhere, just around the neighborhood. It worked. She fell sound asleep. So we put her on the couch and Bill and I went out to do some shopping without her. I called Dad and he had to wake her up after two hours. He told me she was pretty mad when she woke up and thought we’d gone to the toy store without her.

The problem is… she didn’t go to bed until around 10:30.

Kaitlyn slept in until 7:30. The sun was even up by the time she woke up!

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