huh? I can’t hear you! But I sure can see you!!!

At risk of sounding elderly, I must say that restaurants in the United States are loud.

This morning we went to Bob’s Big Boy (that’s Robert’s Large Lad to some) for brunch. From the moment we walked in the place was just a cacophony of clinking plates and loud chatter. Although it was quieter than dinner last night at Outback. (Yes, we’re going to all the finest eateries America serves up.)

Even the cafes in France are quieter. Heck, I think even the McDo’s offers lower decibel levels… except in the playland.

The noise was notable, but the weirdest thing we experienced today has to have been at Starbucks. While I was standing there in the seemingly endless line for my $4 chai tea latte, a woman who already had her drink stood up to fetch her roaming toddler. And when she did so it became clear to everyone there that she had on a see through dress. Accentuated by her black underwear. It was, well, very weird. Sort of forgetting that everyone in the place could understand what I say, I asked Bill probably too loudly, “hey, do you think that woman knows you can see through her dress?”

I can’t believe it… but I think I miss France!

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Here’s the entry where you think you miss France. Do you miss being able to talk about people when they can’t understand you, or miss that people don’t wear tasteless things like seethru dresses? Remember, an earlier entry on your blog points out how men at swimming pools in France wear Speedos regardless of their ages, so my guess is you merely want to talk about people when they can’t understand you. Like the Seinfeld episode about the manicure shop.

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