Jet Lag is Crazy!

It’s 7:30 am and we’re up, showered, dressed. Nothing to do. I’m not used to being awake and ready to go out before stores open. The Krispy Kreme may be open, but I don’t need that. We came back from dinner last night and fell asleep around 11. Then we were up this morning at 5. That is, I was up at 5… Kaitlyn and Bill were up at 4.

It’s been hard to keep Kaitlyn busy and quiet in the room. Surprisingly, she hasn’t asked for the television this entire time. She’s drawn pictures, played hide and seek with pretzels, pretended to make phone calls. Now she has on her Mulan dress and is begging us to go outside so she can blow bubbles (she got some last night in a Halloween goodie bag grandad delivered). Bill has been surfing the internet, checking out Best Buy’s site. There’s one we can walk to from here and he is just a wee bit excited about that.

We’ll see how long we can stay awake. I predict a nap this afternoon. Perhaps a long one.

2 Responses to “Jet Lag is Crazy!”

  1. D.A.D. says:

    Nap??!! Nap!!??? I dont think so. Kaitlyn is going pony riding, you’re gong to Target and grocery stores, Bill heading to Best Buy, all following your breakfast with Patrick and family at Bob’s Big Boy (a place that features French cuisine in America, you know….french fries). Then din din is carryin chinese from P.F. Chang’s, with other entrees from whatever turns Patrick’s group on (he’s not into Chinese) followed by trick-or-treating at six doors in our highrise building, already arranged to have older folks make a fuss over little people in cute outfits. They may also make a fuss over Kaitlyn in her cute outfit.

  2. mandy says:

    Oh, we did all that AND Starbucks AND took a nap. Check that, we didn’t go to the grocery store. I didn’t travel 24 hours to cook!

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