Trick or Treat!

Since we’re in the US for Halloween, I figured Kaitlyn should get to enjoy some trick or treating. Even if she doesn’t eat candy. (She thinks she does. After one bite, she hands it over and says she’s finished. That is, if she doesn’t spit it out.) So tonight she collected a huge haul of goodies trick or treating in Granddad’s building.

Granddad arranged with a few of his neighbors for her to perform this childhood ritual a few days before Halloween. (She can’t read a calendar so she didn’t know this wasn’t the right day.) Now, Granddad lives in a tall condo building so trick or treating included a fair amount of time riding up and down in the elevator. Luckily, elevators are one of her favorite things. I don’t care for them, but I survived. It wasn’t like going up in the Eiffel Tower or anything. Although I would have preferred my brother not keep saying “Welcome to the tower of terror” every time we stepped in.

At first, our normally outgoing child was too shy to as much as ring the doorbell. But after half a dozen stops and visits to the neighbors who performed the appropriate amount of fuss over her costume, she was chatting and taking the candy.

When we got back to Granddad’s she ate a few green jelly belly candies, then said she was tired and begged to come back to the hotel. She is exhausted. Even with a two and a half hour doze-fest this afternoon.

I don’t know what we’re going to do with the giant bag of chocolate she collected. Maybe someone will come trick or treating here at the hotel. If so, we will be prepared!

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