How many times can you visit Paris?

I admit, when Debbie said she wanted us to join her and Don in Paris, my first thought was “not Paris again!” Not because I feel like I have exhausted one of the world’s greatest cities. Quite the contrary. I feel like every time I go, I go to the same things. Honestly, it’s getting dull. How many times can a person ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower? (Not counting the elevator operators who do nothing but ride up and down inside the monument, 35 hours a week, minus 5 weeks a year vacation.)

This time was different. I saw all sorts of things in the last 2 days I’ve never seen before.

Just like yesterday morning, we had some time to ourselves before lunch. (Debbie has taken to sleeping in. She doesn’t care for Bill’s “what time should I set the alarm” approach to vacationing.) Yesterday we went to places I wanted to visit. Today, we went to the one place Bill has been talking about wanting to see: St Chappelle. I only went because Bill wanted to and I figured I could keep Kaitlyn busy while he looked around. It was spectacular. It would really be amazing to see it on a sunny day. The chapel has soaring stained glass windows that must be 5 stories high. It is not stunning for its size, like so many other places we’ve seen… but for its art. Even Kaitlyn thought the windows were pretty.

To whittle away more time waiting for Debbie and Don to catch up with us, we went next door to the Conceirgerie. It’s the prison where Marie Antoinette was held. The building itself is hardly stunning, by any stretch. But the history that took place within its walls is.

The only thing Debbie and Don wanted to do today was the Eiffel Tower. And I decided to hold true to the promise I made myself last time I rode the elevator in that pile of steel: not again. Ok, maybe to eat dinner, but otherwise, no. To me, the elevators are scary. I avoid elevators in much shorter structures, so one going that high, at an angle, that you can see through… that’s just unnecessary.

So I visited Napoleon’s Tomb in the Hopital des Invalides. It’s still a hospital for soldiers.

I was glad I went and even more glad I went alone; I don’t think anyone else would have been as fascinated. I could listen to the audio guide and look at everything… I also went into the war museum there. I went right for the World War Two area; I am fascinated by France in World War Two. The exhibit sort of glossed over that whole giving into the Germans part and focused on the resistance and made the United States out as the big heroes.

I think I need to start visiting the museums around Grenoble… by myself. I could learn a lot. And I think I’ll really enjoy it.

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  1. Debbie says:

    “Debbie has taken to sleeping in.” Note to anyone who ever vacations with me, visits me, or who I visit… I have always loved to sleep in, I sleep in every chance I get, and I will most likely continue my love affair with sleep. 😀

  2. D.A.D. says:

    The Concierge…that’s the place where pompous hotel employees give out their opinion in exchange for a tip, and if you don’t they take your head off. I see the similarity. Do let us know if any more museums on your tours reveal things you just don’t get by reading books. Admittedly, my reading Daily Variety won’t tell me much about French history, but that isn’t a book anyway.

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