The Great MiMi Tragedy

This trip may spell the end of the mimi. (Kaitlyn’s giant pacifier)

Last night, we nearly had to go cold turkey when Bill realized none of us had it. We were in the Louvre at the time. We re-traced our steps and, amazingly, found it under the bench where we’d stopped to rest near the Mona Lisa.

Today outside l’opera, Bill pulled the mimi out of his pocket and discovered it now has a rip. We realized later that it tore when we used it as a bath stopper this morning for Kaitlyn’s bath.

They don’t make those things anymore. Hopefully, it will survive.


The mimi made it through the entire trip. I need to rip the house apart to try to find any other surviving ones, but there may not be any. I’m not rested enough yet to feel like doing that.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Perhaps if she took up smoking it would (a) take her mind off the missing mimi, and (b) be very French

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