Luxembourg Gardens

Our hotel is only about a block away from Luxembourg Gardens… but I nearly missed seeing it.

After un-successfully resting in the hotel room (unsuccessful because Kaitlyn didn’t seem any less grumpy), Bill sent me to check out the park and to find the playground that is supposed to be so spectacular. You have to pay to get into it, it’s got to be good.

I walked in and immediately found a map. I’m thinking “how could it be that Bill… Mr Directions… came here and couldn’t find the playground?” I actually thought I could just look at that map and walk right to it. Not a chance. I wandered all around and all I found was another exit and another map. Looking at it this time I realized I had the entire park flipped around in my mind.. and I needed to be on the opposite side.

The park is beautiful, which made the walk through it not so bad. It was especially pretty with the leaves changing colors.

The playground didn’t seem to have lived up to its billing. I took some pictures to show Bill and Kaitlyn.. as many as I thought I could before someone would think I was a pedophile staking out the place.

If it doesn’t rain maybe we can come back. If it does… I don’t think Kaitlyn is missing out on something so spectacular. But I’m glad I made it.

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