The Right Choice

Today, I discovered why this house was the right choice for us.

After dropping Kaitlyn off at school, I asked another mom who lives here in St Martin d’Uriage if she had to do something special to start her garbage pick-up… because we have been here two and a half weeks and we put our trash cans out on trash day and at the end of the day the trash is still in them.

She said she has to take her trash to a communal bin. But she asked another woman who has lived here for 12 years if she knew. She didn’t. Both figured the only real answer could be found at the marie. (town hall) Then, they offered to take me there and translate for me! Thank goodness. I would have had no idea where to even begin. The person who could tell us what’s up with our trash wasn’t there, but he is supposed to call this British woman who then will call me. I don’t think that I’d have found anyone who could have helped me like that somewhere else.

So, now I’m back to liking where we live. Although, I’m still not happy about the stairs and I’m even less happy with the guy who is putting in the rail who was supposed to be here an hour ago to measure and he has not shown up yet. I leave in 20 minutes to pick up Kaitlyn and with my luck that will be when he gets here and then it will probably be weeks before he will return to start the whole thing again! I’m beginning to think we’ll actually get connected to the internet before the stairs are fixed!

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