offline too long

Not having the internet has gone from a minor annoyance to a real hassle. It isn’t the thrill of being able to check what’s on the counter at Lands End each Saturday… or the chance to read up on world affairs… or to start my Christmas shopping before Halloween.

No, the real headache is how hard it makes it to communicate with people at home.

For instance, I cannot easily let people know that right now I am sitting by the window where there is a bird singing, the donkey across the street is munching on some grass (quietly), the leaves on the trees are turning into beautiful reds and golds… or that this morning I walked all the way down our little windy, steep street to see if I could even do it and if so how long it would take. (yes and about 20 minutes down, 30 minutes back up)

I cannot share my frustration with Kaitlyn’s loss of her ability to poopy in the potty… she apparently forgot to pack it and it’s back home in the United States. It isn’t so much that she is having trouble that is so very, very, VERY frustrating. It is that she announces it so matter-of-factly. “Mommy, I poopied in my underwear.” The same way you’d say “Mommy, I’d like to eat a banana.”

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