Stair-ing at a problem


Walking down the stairs with Kaitlyn this afternoon, I fell. And I pulled Kaitlyn down with me. I swear I think I broke my toe, but I’m not going to bother to go to a doctor. What’s he going to do? Send me to toe physical therapy? I’ll do some toe push-ups on my own.

All I could do while lying on the floor crying and trying to make sure Kaitlyn hadn’t suffered a concussion (she landed head down) was to think of all the things I don’t like about this house. All I could think of was how there is nothing I do like about this house.

So here is a short list of the house’s shortcomings:

  • the stairs

  • the appliances are just too hard to figure out

  • the mud room (laundry room) smells like a musty old basement, which it is not

  • there is not an actual shower upstairs

  • the bath tub is too deep and hard to get out of onto the slippery floors (I’ve fallen there, too)

  • the outdoor lights are insufficient

  • the light bulbs are going to be rather expensive to replace

  • the garage isn’t really very big

  • the neighbors are not close by nor do they seem friendly

  • it is way too far to actually walk into town from our house

  • the pool is going to be a pain in the rear

  • the house is too loud… every little noise made downstairs echos off the tile floors and big huge ceiling and is super loud upstairs

Now that the throbbing pain in my toe is more tolerable, here is my list of the house’s good points:

  • it is only 8 minutes from Kaitlyn’s school

  • it has a great view

  • the appliances are at least new, even if they are complicated

  • the shutters are electric and have remote controls

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