summer camp

So, I’m trying to sign Kaitlyn up for some summer activities. Camp, I suppose. Only without any camping. Or smores.

                    Another mother at the school told me that there’s a horseback riding “camp” for four year olds. Perfect. Horses are frequent travelers on our street, and Kaitlyn is always telling me how she wants to ride. Her only experience so far, other than watching horses, is to go on the pony rides at Griffith Park in LA.

                    Just pick up the forms at the marie (town hall), she said. You don’t even have to speak French – everything you need is out on a shelf. Easy. Maybe. I’ve been to the marie three times now, and I’m still not certain I have the right forms. The booklet of information the woman gave me again today does not include four year olds in the horseback riding course. The xeroxed town calendar does. I thought I was supposed to have an orange or yellow form. All mine are white.

                    I guess I’ll return to trying to muddle through the French and fill out what I do have. The other mom is taking me tomorrow morning to turn everything in. I guess I’ll find out then if I’ve got what it takes.

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