Home vs. Paris… which wins?

It’s a Mommy and Kaitlyn weekend, while Bill and Todd are in Paris. I admit, I was worried about the two of us driving each other crazy, but it seems that our weekend is going far better than Bill’s.

                    Except for Thursday night, Kaitlyn and I have made plans and kept busy. Ok, right now she’s watching Buzz Lightyear on the Slingbox, but then we’re going to a picnic and hang out with some friends.

                    I’ve gotten a stream of text messages on my phone from Bill with snippets of his trip. I don’t think it’s what he expected of a few days in Paris without his wife and daughter.

                    It’s been rainy. It poured buckets on the Paris Air Show. Todd didn’t have a rain coat. They figured the planes would be grounded for the day. So they left. Then at the train station, they could hear the jets taking off for demonstrations.

                    I couldn’t figure out the message about the Eiffel Tower being closed Thursday night, so they didn’t go. Last night was too cloudy, so they didn’t go. If they don’t go tonight, Todd will have gone to Paris without doing the Eiffel Tower. That would be a pity.

                    Today they are headed to Versailles. They bought their train tickets last night. Or they thought they did. When they got back to the hotel, Bill realized they’d been sold tickets to Fontainebleau. He is not thrilled at how things are going. At least the lady at the front desk of the hotel helped them fix that problem. I’ll have to wait for the update once they get there.

                    I confess… I was a little jealous when Bill and Todd were talking about their trip. It even crossed my mind to try to figure out how to join them. But I didn’t want to butt in on their big “guys” weekend. I guess staying home wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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