Today while Kaitlyn and I were eating lunch the doorbell rang… two rapid-fire ding-dongs from an apparently impatient visitor. I just knew it was the poste lady. I dashed to the door and by the time I got it open (couldn’t have been a full minute from the time she rang), she already had the form filled out saying that she’d attempted delivery and I wasn’t home. (I guess the fact that I don’t open the shutters makes it look like I’m not home. No, I’m just hot and trying to keep the sun out. Oh, and scared, and trying to keep the wasps out.)

                I was so happy I was here to get the box. It was two pairs of new white Keds sneakers… replacements for the ones I ruined mowing the lawn! You cannot get Keds here. I had no choice but to have them sent from the U.S. I tried to have Todd bring some in his suitcase, but he couldn’t find any in my size. (Can’t send a man to do a woman’s job!) Yes, I probably spent as much buying and shipping them as I’d have spent just buying nicer shoes here. Maybe next time. For now, I’m happy as a clam in my stark white sneakers.

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