I’m being stalked

                So, today I’m walking past one of the glass doors downstairs and I see a BIG ASS wasp there. I stopped and looked to make sure he was on the outside. (he was) Then I thought, what is he doing there? I quickly found my answer. He was sitting there because his BIG ASS nest is on the inside of the wooden shutter.

                It is like as fast as we find them and Bill sprays the nests, new ones appear. I think that is the fourth one to pop up around our house in the last two months. And I’m sure there are others we haven’t found.

                I’ve taken some flack for alleging that the wasps here are more interested and likely to come into my house than elsewhere. (I’ve never before had a wasp come into my apartment or house.) Now, can anyone tell me they’ve been STALKED by the little buggers like this?

                They are out to get me. I swear it.

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