day in the park

                Finally, the sun came out. It warmed up enough to shed our jackets and even sport some short sleeves. (still not quite warm enough for shorts)

                Kaitlyn said “it’s a beautiful day.”

                So we went to the park.

                As we were walking through the grassy area with our Winnie the Pooh ball to kick around, an older gentleman sitting under some shade spoke to Kaitlyn. I think by his gesture that he wanted her to toss him the ball. We walked toward him and Kaitlyn played shy. He smiled and offered her two cookies he pulled out of a big economy size sack of vanilla wafer-type cookies. Stuff you’d expect a grandpa to have. She accepted his offer and even said “merci.” He offered me the “petit gateau.” I tried to politely decline but he couldn’t imagine a reason why I’d turn it down, so I eventually just gave in. I wanted to strike up a conversation… I figured old people love to talk and talk slow to begin with. But Kaitlyn saw some little girls rolling down a small hill from the tennis courts and she took off after them. So I had to take off, too.

                I wonder if that guy sits in the park every day when the weather is good. I imagine he does. I’ll have to go back.

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  1. DAD says:

    Now there’s a dilemma, about identifying the difference of when you accept food or gifts from a stranger or not, when you’re four years old. I suppose the rule is if Mom or Dad is there and they agree, it’s okay. However, I wasn’t there, so Mandy could not take the cookie.

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