this just isn’t right!

                Make note of the date: 29 MAY.

                This morning in town, I saw a car with a few inches of snow on it. As I stood talking to some other Mom’s outside the school, we could see our breath. And I couldn’t convince Kaitlyn not to wear a sundress. I had to fight with her just to put a t-shirt on underneath. Her teacher looked at me like I’m either cruel or stupid. I guess I was stupid not to put a sweater in her bag at least. (If she wears a sweater, she won’t wear a jacket and vice-versa. I thought the jacket was more crucial, given the drizzle) I told the teacher Kaitlyn is never cold. Which is true, except in the middle of the night when she climbs all over me for warmth. (like last night)

                Despite the cold and rain, the crew paving a new sidewalk and patio around the house arrived bright and early at 8:15 this morning. After eating her oatmeal, Kaitlyn pulled a little chair up to the big sliding glass door and sat to watch them work, like they were putting on a show just for her. She didn’t want to leave for school. I told her she can watch them all day tomorrow. (no school on Wednesday, of course)

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