Not very May-like

                    It is the last few days of May.

                    The nearly constant rain is not letting up. Kaitlyn is fine with that; she gets to wear her Barbie rain boots and splash through the puddles. And she loves umbrellas, too.

                    We bought fans to help cool off the house (no a/c here), so now the temperatures are dropping. This evening, it was 10 degrees at the house. (that’s 50 Fahrenheit) And the mountain is again snow-capped. It’s so cold that our pool has steam coming off of it.

                    It’s just as well. We couldn’t use the pool even if it were warm enough outside. I apparently really goofed up on the directions the pool guys gave me. Ignoring the pool is not good pool maintenance. Because now it is green again. Bill gave it a shock treatment yesterday. It looked the same this morning. So he gave it another one. If it looks the same again tomorrow (and I’m sure the rain isn’t helping matters) I’ll call the pool guys back. I should have spent time in my French lesson today practicing. J’ai besoin d’aide. Ma picine est verte. I hope all our summer guests weren’t counting on warm summer days spent lounging in our pool. Well, at least the rain keeps the wasps inside their nests.

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