Next time, I’ll just pick for her…

Today at Carrefour, I asked Kaitlyn what kind of yogurt she’d like. You have to understand, the yogurt aisles in Carrefour are second only to the cheese aisles in Carrefour. You walk down a refrigerated aisle and it’s almost all yogurt on both sides, every shelf. There is some dessert mixed in which is how we found the yummy pudding, because I picked it up thinking it was yogurt. (duh)

    Anyway, I gave Kaitlyn the pick of the place. I expected her to look around for the yogurt packaged for kids – it’s bright pink and yellow and the containers are small. There’s also the yogurt that come in pouches you suck the dairy product out of. Not Kaitlyn. Without hesitating she said “I want the one with the goat.” The goat? Yes. Kaitlyn has chosen some goat milk yogurt. She told me it tastes like flowers. How she knows this, I do not know.

    She is yet to try it. I don’t think I’ll be able to. Bill said he’ll try some.

    I’ll stick to my fancy new coffee maker and the tasty cappuccinos I can now make. With cow milk.

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