what’s on YOUR plate?

Kaitlyn gave her goat yogurt a try today. She did eat a few spoonfuls before declaring she doesn’t like it. I can’t say I blamed her. I took a sniff. No thank you! She abandoned that for some yogurt you can suck out of a pouch. Who says presentation isn’t everything?

        During lunch, I commented to Bill that the orange I was eating was ok, but that I really think that the oranges I bought this week from Spain are just not as good as the oranges I bought that were from Corsica. Then we both realized what I’d just said. It’s amazing, we are sitting here discussing our food from Spain and Corsica. Our butter says it’s made in Normandy. I buy grapes from Italy. I bought some fruit I’d never seen before to try, it’s from Madagascar. (Kaitlyn thinks that sounds good because she likes the movie) Lychee fruit. Ok, I just went and tried one. It’s alright, nothing great. But I figure if Bill can eat a whole plate of fish (see entry from Dec 23) then the least I can do is try some new fruit. I draw the line at the goat yogurt, though!

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