perspective takes off

This morning, I passed by a family taking a little boy out for a walk. He looked like he is about 4 years old. And they were all struggling to help him navigate with his crutches. He didn’t have a cast on. Those crutches appeared to be, sadly, a way of life for him.

That second that I drove past made me realize: the possibility of a trip to buy a house being postponed, of my moving timetable being threatened… it’s all just a nuisance. A bother. A pain. But manageable. And temporary. And for the first time since the volcano started stopping air travel in to, out of, and around Europe, I realized it is ok. I realized there’s a lot I have to be really, really thankful for. And the inconveniences in life are just that. Inconvenient.

Then, while I was standing outside soaking in my newfound perspective, I heard a plane overhead. A jet plane. I scanned the skies, desperate to see it, but couldn’t. And in that split second, my newfound perspective vanished.

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