I don’t like this, not one little bit (of ash)

Every news website I check has the same lead:

A lingering volcanic ash plume forced extended no-fly restrictions over much of Europe on Saturday, as scientists warned that activity at a volcano in Iceland had increased and showed no sign of abating — a portent of more travel chaos to come.

No! No! No! No! NO!

We re-booked our house hunting trip to start a week ahead of the original schedule. So we now are supposed to be leaving a week from today. And “more travel chaos to come” does not ease my concerns that we’ll actually get there. Concern that is starting to give way to panic.

There are things I keep telling myself.

It’s a week away. Forecasters can’t forecast that far in advance with any great accuracy.

It could be worse. There are people currently stranded in places where they either have to pay for a hotel (if they can find one) or sleep at the airport. At least we’d be stranded at home.

It’s out of my control.

Then I keep thinking: we need to buy a house. Our calendar is not wide open. We have movers scheduled to come pack up our things. We have given notice we’re moving out of this house. We have a trip planned to Ireland. We have bought those tickets. (and made other non-refundable plans there)

Then the worst thought of all: my God, what if we can’t get out of here? For months????

Ok, so that last thought is pretty unlikely. But it’s how I’m starting to feel. I mean you look at the maps of where this ash cloud is, and it isn’t even over France or Germany or Switzerland or Italy. Depending on the website. Skies here are beautiful and blue. Why is this shutting down airports all over the place? There’s got to be another way! Maybe we can take a ferry to Africa then find a plane from there to Chicago. This was not in the plan. I’m not enjoying this. Not one bit.

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