I wish I could be more like that

I got a little peek into Kaitlyn’s day today… completely undetected and unexpected.

I was driving through town and saw her class walking back to school from the library. (The school is small; it does not have its own library. The kids walk to the one in town. Just like they take a bus to the town’s gym.)

So there was her class, all lined up in two’s, like the animals going onto the ark. They stayed in their lines and walked along, really looking rather sober. I scanned the neat rows of kids looking for Kaitlyn. I shouldn’t have had to. There she was — in the very back, not holding hands with the kid she’d been paired up with, skipping and singing. She really must mystify her teacher. She is not at all like the other kids. And, really, I’m glad she isn’t.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    She knows she’s a short-timer there.

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