enough already!

So this might make me a bit strange, but I am not entirely opposed to an inbox filled with e-mails from retailers. They’re like catalogs. Only not as good. A catalog you can flip through, dog-ear, tear apart. But since I’m living where Pottery Barn and Talbots and Lands End cannot fill my mailbox with suggestions, they fill my inbox instead. But, honestly, enough is enough.

Another serious advantage to the catalog is it costs money. Money to produce, to print, to mail. So they come only every so often. Emails are quite another story. Since November 17, Lands End has sent me 36 emails. Often, two in a single day. Nobody needs that many sweaters or pairs of cords or jackets. Thirty-three emails told me I could get free shipping. Which I cannot because my orders are all shipped overseas. Fourteen touted 25% off. Ten boasted of 40% off. Four told me all outerwear is half off. Thirty percent off got a measly two mentions.

And that’s just Lands End. They are the worst. But there are others: JJill wanted me to know 17 things, Talbots 18, J Crew sent 30 emails and Amazon.uk, Amazon.fr and Amazon.com combined sent me 33 notices about stuff I didn’t want to buy.

I told Virgin.fr, Borders and Zappos to keep their offers to themselves. I had to tell the NY Times multiple times I’d changed my mind about getting their weekly books email.

I probably shouldn’t do things like sign up to get a cookie recipe a day from FoodTV. Especially since my family only eats sugar cookies so any other recipe is a waste. (But very low calorie, when you figure I look at them but don’t bake or eat them.)

And I just can’t bring myself to sever ties with everyone. Oh, I should. They’ll just find me again. Like Celebrity Cruises did. I’ve never cruised with them. Or Disneyland Paris. I’m never going back there. Ever. (If I can help it.) Just Me Music has recently sent me 4 emails. I don’t want that. I don’t even know who they are or who sold them my email address. Ryanair is constantly trying to trick me into believing I can fly somewhere worth going for 1 Pound. Ha. And who are you, Shady Creek Winery? If I were ever to go to Michigan City, IN, I don’t think it would be to go to a winery. (Ok, I just unsubscribed from that one.)

I guess at least I don’t have to figure out where to recycle all these ads.

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