locked in the office

Just as I walked in the door from picking Kaitlyn up from school, my phone rang. The caller ID showed it was Bill and I was worried; he never leaves work this early. Even if he’s sick. He called to say the office was being “evacuated,” everyone had to go. For their safety.

I knew there was going to be some kind of protest/demonstration outside the plant today. I assumed it had something to do with Cat trying to lay people off. (Which it hasn’t been able to do yet here because of the labor laws… even though it’s slashed 20,000 jobs in the US.)

I knew that the protest/demonstration involved burning tires at some point today.

But when Bill called and said they were being sent home because more students were expected to show up and they were all being cleared out of the building… it started to worry me.

And the worrying got worse when he called back five minutes later to say now he’s locked in. Because the fires in the street are too big.

I told him to stop wearing things with the Cat logo on them.

This isn’t a good thing.

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