fromage milk shake?

You can get a milkshake in France. But I don’t think they quite understand what it’s supposed to be.

We first discovered that milkshakes are available at McDonalds. Which makes sense, since despite the tiny coffees is still basically an American fast food place. We discovered this because Kaitlyn wanted one. Bill tried it and said it was pretty good. I ordered her one the other day as her reward for behaving and actually trying during her French lesson. I watched them make it. Ok, they didn’t make anything. The girl stuck a cup under the soft serve machine and pushed a button to turn the soft serve into soft serve diarrhea. That’s what they handed over as a milkshake. Gross.

Then today I noticed a recipe inside our package of Laughing Cow soft cheese triangles. (Just like you can get at home) It’s a recipe for what it says is a milk shake. You should be able to find these things in the US:

200 grams strawberries
50 grams strawberry candies (Tagada to be specific. I had to google it to find out what it is)
4 portions of Laughing Cow soft cheese.
1/2 liter of milk

Put it all in a mixer and blend. Pour into glasses and decorate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

On top???? Anyone with any milkshake knowledge realizes that the ice cream is a vital ingredient INSIDE the shake. Not outside it. That’s like making a martini with the vermouth on the side.

Remember: martinis and milkshakes should not be ordered here. (They can’t make an American martini, either. To them a martini is a nasty Italian wine liquor.) And on the same note: baguettes and escargot are probably best left to the French.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Cheese in a milk shake? I know the recipe is offered by a cheese company, so they wouldn’t bother if it didn’t include cheese, but . . . . . why! I know once the waitress at Casa Bianca made a malt by taking I think ice cream in the blender with Coffee Mate, because they were out of malt mix. But not cheese.

  2. mandy says:

    I suppose if I were really dedicated, I’d actually make this recipe to see what it tastes like. Don’t have a blender.. oh, well. (Plus… candy and cheese with the ice cream on top? Even if I had a blender… just can’t do it.)

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