going over vacation with a fine-toothed comb….

So I’m spending my evening sitting with pesticidal goop on my head… waiting for the timer to beep and the real fun to begin. Yes… Kaitlyn’s scratching wasn’t just a dry winter scalp. Once again I did not find the lice until they’d already created a rash on the back of her neck. After her bath I ran a lice comb through a couple of random spots and pulled out two bugs. They were so small I thought… or hoped…. they were dirt. But they moved. Dirt does not generally propel itself.

I made the unwelcome discovery just as Bill was leaving the office. He got to stop at the pharmacy to pick up two bottles of the lice-killing goop. They label it as shampoo… but goop is far more accurate.

I decided to just go ahead and treat myself right away this time. Just as a precaution. It fits right in with the loads of hot-water laundry I now have to do (and washers here heat their own water…. adding a good hour or more to the wash cycle), the fanatic vacuuming of furniture, the daily changing and washing of bed sheets and towels, the quarantining of stuffed animals she’s slept with to the freezer (we read that the bugs and their eggs cannot survive 48 hours in the freezer… which may be why I was so surprised they popped up in winter). Naturally, we leave for a long weekend in Paris in 36 hours or so. Nothing says vacation like combing through your daughter’s hair for lice eggs every night.

Off to change the sheets…..

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Good grief, again!! A shame to go thru this a second time. At least they are surface nuisances, not internal infections…..if you’re trying to find something positive about it all. Sorry for attempting to be up about it, I know it is just the pits.

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