jet lag won’t leave

I don’t think we’re over our jet lag yet. Kaitlyn slept in till 10 yesterday, 10:30 today. She’d have slept later but we finally figured we needed to wake her up.

The weather is dreary: cold and cloudy. The snow at Chamrousse melted yesterday while it was above the clouds, which ruined my plan to go sledding today. Instead, we prepared for what is promising to be a grey and cold winter. Bill put the snow tires on my car. (We finally replaced the one I put a hole in.) I put away the last of the summer clothes and filled my shelves with sweaters.

Our normally toasty house is downright chilly once the sun goes down. But this stupid floor heating is so slow to change temperatures, it isn’t worth even trying to adjust it. We’re simply too warm during the day and too cold at night.

Coming home from home leave (sounds funny) was a little easier this year because we’ve made some real friends to return to. But some of the harsh realities are smacking me hard this year. The weather. The walls of the house painted the same horrid gray that the skies are… providing no relief from the winter blahs. The kitchen too small to do anything in.

Maybe it’s just the jet lag dragging down my mood. It’s hard to be cheery when you can barely stay awake past 5pm. (The fact that it’s dark out by then doesn’t help.)

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    The part about being dark at 5pm of course is matched here, too. Sorry the family is straining to return to a routine, plus coping with maladies, nightmares and prematurely melted snow. This too will pass, no doubt and your European escapades will resume with fervor.

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