Home from home

We’ve been back home for two full days now, and it’s been with mixed emotions. The thrill of sleeping in your own bed is counteracted by saying “bonjour” on your way out of the pharmacy.

Kaitlyn has really struggled with jet lag. Wednesday night (well, it was really Thursday morning), she was up at 2am declaring she wanted to play. I tried for more than an hour to get her to go back to sleep, and finally gave up and just went back to bed telling her not to get out of hers. So she laid there and yelled for Bill. He went in her room and managed to get her to fall asleep. But when it was time to get up for school Thursday… you’d think she’d only gotten an hour of sleep. She slept on the plane.. in the taxi.. and really a majority of the night. I dragged her up, pulled clothes on her, brushed her teeth, toasted a pop tart and sent her on her way to a full day of school… complete with lunch at canteen. She was in a delightful mood when I picked her up. (Too bad that mood had deteriorated by the time Bill got home.) Last night she got up at 1 to go to the bathroom and again at 4 when she had what she called “the weirdest dream ever.” I don’t know exactly what the dream was about; I couldn’t understand her through her tears but thought asking her to repeat herself wasn’t going to gain me anything. I do know that it started out shopping… and apparently went drastically downhill from there. It took me about an hour to get her back to sleep. This morning was another repeat of yesterday. Except she suddenly did not want to be late (that’s something new) and she hurried. She’s been in a fantastic mood again today after school… coming home to make drawings and show me her school work and talk about her day at least a little bit.

This morning I finally had to admit that the annoying pain and itching in my eye wasn’t just from being sleepy and I went to the doctor. She confirmed I have an infection and gave me a prescription for some eye drops she says are very good. So good that I will be tempted to stop using them after a couple of days. (The fact that they turn your vision yellow temporarily certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with that!) I went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription still stinging from having to pay $103 at home for some ear drops for Kaitlyn. The pharmacist was shocked I don’t have a card that makes all my medical costs free. (The French people all have one.) The grand total for my eye drops: 3 Euros and 15 cents. I’m not even going to bother trying to turn that one in for reimbursement!

Bill is staying up late playing the new games on the Wii. I don’t know how late he’s staying up because I’m sound asleep by the time he comes to bed. I’ve been going to bed right after Kaitlyn, which is a good thing since she keeps waking me up. But so far, I’ve resisted the urge to take a nap. Not easy. The only thing preventing me from stretching out on the couch and snoozing is the fear that I’ll wake up well after the time I have to get Kaitlyn from school. And without the slingbox working to watch tv, I’m sure to just snooze away. Tomorrow is Saturday. I can turn off the alarm and sleep in! And you know I will… always do anyway…

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