eeeww…. gross….

It’s a common problem in France that I’ve been a wee bit too smug about avoiding…. until now. Kaitlyn won’t be going to school tomorrow. We’ll be going to the pharmacy and buying whatever it is you need for lice.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything grosser that I want to deal with any less. It’s a mix of many of the things I detest most. The idea of combing through Kaitlyn’s hair purposely hunting bugs and their eggs…. makes me shudder. And she’s so not good at letting us comb her hair; it isn’t going to help.

I remember when I was about Kaitlyn’s age, there was a case of lice at my school. My mom told me she had to check my head for bugs and I don’t remember my exact reaction but I’m going to guess it was something close to unglued. From that moment forward I thought there could be nothing more skin-crawling. Except maybe bed bugs. Blech.

I feel rather guilty; she’s been complaining for days of having an itchy head. I’ve been looking for the buggers since they’re a constant problem at school… but haven’t seen a thing. Then tonight, Bill found one. Not the eggs, like people told me we’d find. A big, brown, fast, nasty bug who’s been feasting on my little girl’s neck. Gross.

And now my head is itchy.

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