what’d you say?

Forget French lessons.

Just keep inviting Kaitlyn’s little French friend home for lunch.

What an exercise in my ability to speak French. Or inability as the case may be…. I only followed about half of what she said and the half I followed was generally when she was answering a direct question.

Kaitlyn sprinkled the occasional French word in conversation. For instance, when we got in the car she pointed at a piece of bread sitting on the seat (yes… bread… we were a little crunched for time this morning and Kaitlyn took her breakfast in the car) and said “don’t eat ca.”

Toward the end of lunch and this poor child’s frustration with things like me constantly saying “je ne comprends pas” (I don’t understand) and Kaitlyn’s “don’t eat ca” I decided she could give me the best possible answer about Kaitlyn’s French. I asked her if Kaitlyn speaks French at school. She made me repeat the question… like it was so odd. Then she said “oui… beaucoup.” I’ll assume then that “don’t eat ca” was simply a token for my benefit.

2 Responses to “what’d you say?”

  1. D.A.D. says:

    I went to Google translations to seek out “ca”. It gives me the same word back. So does yahoo. Does it to you translate into a four letter word starting with “s”?

  2. mandy says:

    Ca means it or that or this. Whatever they need it to mean in the moment.

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