better watch out

Today was a girls’ day shopping in Geneva. I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 so I could be ready in time for the short road trip with two friends.

We didn’t really have anything we needed to buy. We just needed the day of window shopping, eating and Starbucks.

Ok, one of us did have a shopping mission in mind. She wanted a watch. She’s done lots of research. She pretty much had one picked out. She really just needed to try it on. So we went from watch store to watch store (easy to do in Geneva) as she tried on four different $5000 watches then would ask our opinion. Our opinion was easy: it isn’t our $5000.

At one point, she talked me into trying one on. Well, she and the salesman who were buttering up we friends with offers of champagne or mojitos.

And after a while of looking at all of these very expensive, presumably very precise, watches you start to not only think “yea, those are pretty,” you start to think “I need one of these,” followed by “$2500 isn’t unreasonable.”

It’s a little bit like when you go to Disneyland and surrounded by Mickey Mouse heads you think to yourself “yea, I could use dishes, socks and towels with mouse heads on them.” Then you leave, glad you didn’t buy all that stupid crap because no one over the age of 6 needs anything with Mickey Mouse on it.

Two chai tea lattes and a lot of walking later, you climb back in the car to drive home. You have your fancy watch catalogs. Back at the house you flip through them and realize “what kind of nut goes around with a watch that cost that much?” Ok, my friend. And I don’t know which is nuttier. The one with the new watch or the one with the $500 shoes… did I mention the shoe store?

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Shop consignment and you’ll have your $5,000 watch in no time.

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