would never happen in the U.S.

I woke up to day two of a migraine… and an empty box of my prescription for it. Not that the prescription works miracles, but it does make getting off the couch possible after a couple of hours of napping. Minus the medicine, the day is pretty much dedicated to lying in the dark. Which isn’t very realistic with a 5 year old home from school for summer.

I managed to eat a little cereal but decided to forgo any coffee… rather than risk it making me even sicker while at the pool for Kaitlyn’s swimming lesson. After she frustrated her teacher for a half hour (she can’t seem to understand that one doesn’t bend her arms while swimming the backstroke)… I dragged her to the pharmacy.

I’d finally found my prescription but was fairly certain that the French scribbles indicated I had one refill for the migraine medicine. (one? What was that doctor thinking?) And I’d filled it. Still, I had to try. So I showed the prescription to the lady at the pharmacy and said I wasn’t sure if I had more. “Non.” So I asked if they have something else I could take. Certainly a pharmacy would be a good place to find something to relieve the pain. Yes, they have lots but she wouldn’t know what to recommend. Since I was beginning to think severing my head was a viable solution, I didn’t care what she recommended. I tried to tell her that I didn’t have anything. Somehow, she thought I meant I didn’t have any money. Maybe poor people go into the pharmacy all the time begging for migraine pills. I assured her I could PAY for the bills… if she would just offer to SELL me some.

I didn’t really understand the next thing she said. But she got a box of the prescription medicine and rang it up for me.

When I go to the doctor I’ll have to ask her just how that happened. And just how it was she thought to only give me one refill in the first place.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Hopefully when she gave you the refill, the box said you had one refill left. Now that would be handy.

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