Horseback riding lessons

Kaitlyn is at her “cours d’equitation” — horseback riding lesson. I’m trying not to be nervous about it.

When I dropped her off, the woman checking everyone in looked at us like we were crazy. Or stupid. “Doesn’t she have a sweater?” A sweater? It’s July. The list of what to wear said pants and sneakers. No mention of a sweater. I’d even gone over the list with a French teacher. I thought all that. I said simply “non.” The lessons are up in the mountains. It’s cold. So I drove like a maniac to the house and back to make sure she’d have a sweatshirt.

I bet she gets hot, refuses to wear it, and comes home without it.

The little boy they paired her with for the bus ride up the mountain is her friend that she’s taking swimming lessons with. He tends to get carsick. No, he seems to nearly always get carsick. He’d better not get carsick all over that sweatshirt.

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