Floatation Devices: rejected!

Today we were back at the pool for swim lesson number two.

I discovered that an 11am lesson is a little early. It was still a bit chilly to me. My car said 20 degrees… not quite 70. But we’d signed up and besides it’s never too cold for Kaitlyn to swim. It does make me question the wisdom of the 10:30 am lesson in a couple of weeks. Maybe it will be hotter by then.

Kaitlyn watched as the teacher laid out everything he’d need for the lesson: goggles, frites, a weird kick board kinda thing that looks like a big 8, and swim fins. She squealed with delight at the idea of wearing the fins.

During the lesson she put her head under the water. It took him a couple of times of explaining to her in French what she was supposed to do. But then she figured it out. She just had to go under then pop her head up on one side of the crazy 8 thingie. Her little friend, Isaiah, then did the same on his side. He was far less interested in putting his head under the water. Kaitlyn is sometimes a little too brave for me.

When the lesson was over Kaitlyn was one giant smile. And she absolutely would not hear of putting on any sort of float suit. Isaiah put his floaty arm bands on.

Kaitlyn was showing off for me her newfound swimming abilities. The teacher said “the mom of Kaitlyn?” (to get my attention)… then he explained that she needs to learn to swim with her face in the water.. that’s the next step. I don’t think it will take too long for her to do that. Not long at all.

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  1. D.A.D. says:

    Such confidence! Sounds as if she is also demonstrating abilities to back up that confidence, which is great!

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