Problem Solved

The great drama that was our summer vacation is finally over. Today I reserved a room at a hotel a block off the beach in Viareggio… a big Italian beach resort in Tuscany.

I was so thrilled. I told Bill as soon as he got home and he said “which one did you choose?” I was so sure we’d decided together. But we did look at a lot and they were starting to get mushed together in our heads. I went with the one that isn’t on the beach but does have a pool. There wasn’t one with both. Well, there may be one but I only looked at ones in our price range.

I’m getting excited about the trip. Our hotel is 30 minutes outside of Pisa and 30 minutes outside of Carrara. I know, I said after Barcelona that you should stay where you plan to sightsee. But those places aren’t worth more than an afternoon. I also found a tour company in Florence (an hour away) where you rent a vintage Fiat and drive around with a guided tour. We aren’t sure how it works… maybe the tour guide is in the lead car with some sort of radio transmitter for talking to everyone. But Bill thinks that sounds cool. Which I thought he would.

Tonight before dinner, Kaitlyn was watching Scooby Doo and they were in Italy. She recognized the places she’s been and she got to see one place she’ll go. At least a cartoon of it.

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